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ESLE - The Eastasouth Journal of Learning and Educations is a peer-reviewed journal and open access three times a year (March, July and November) published by Eastasouth Institute. ESLE aims to publish articles in the field of Education policy, Curriculum and learning, Educational technology, Evaluation and assessment of learning, Active and creative learning, Inclusive and multicultural education, Language and literature learning, Character and ethics education, Gender studies in education,  Environmental education, Religious and moral education, Education management, Non-formal and informal education, Teacher professional development, Early childhood education, Health and safety education,  Vocational and vocational education. ESLE accepts manuscripts of both quantitative and qualitative research. ESLE publishes papers: 1) review papers, 2) basic research papers, and 3) case study papers.

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Vol. 2 No. 01 (2024): The Eastasouth Journal of Learning and Educations (ESLE)

Published: 2024-03-30

Bibliometric Analysis of Hybrid and Distance Learning Literature in the Digital Age

Eri Mardiani, Wa Ode Riniati, Sabil Mokodenseho, Adelia Podomi, Jessyka Mamonto


Reflecting and [Living]: Philosophy and Architecture of the Art and Performance of Talawang

Octa Maria Sihombing, Natanael Yehezkiel Mamarimbing, Imanuel Ezra, Apri Yardi, Chika Dwi Anatasya, Fifian Agustina Kowy, Alfonso Munte


The Influence of STEAM Education on Students' Interest in Technology at Middle Schools in Indonesia

Nuril Huda, Fini Widya Fransiska, Sabil Mokodenseho, Boby Hidayat Tabilantang, Ayudia Mokodompit


Implementation of Digital Science and Literacy Teaching in Developing Science Literacy in Middle School Students in Indonesia

Eri Mardiani, Sabil Mokodenseho, Tiara Fathulmila Matiala, Syifa Sumayyah Azzahrah Limbalo, Nesa Yuliska Mokodompit


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