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ESSSH - The Eastasouth Journal of Social Science and Humanities is a peer-reviewed journal and open access three times a year (February, June, October) published by Eastasouth Institute. ESSSH aims to publish articles in the field of Sociology and Social Sciences, Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Education, Linguistics and Language Studies, History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies. ESSSH accepts manuscripts of both quantitative and qualitative research. ESSSH publishes papers: 1) review papers, 2) basic research papers, and 3) case study papers.

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All submissions should be formatted in accordance with ESSSH template and through Open Journal System (OJS) only.

Vol. 1 No. 02 (2024): The Eastasouth Journal of Social Science and Humanities (ESSSH)

Published: 2024-02-29

The Impact of Health Education and Healthcare Access on the Quality of Life and Well-being of the Elderly in Indonesia

Dito Anurogo, Muntasir Muntasir, Alifah Wilanda, Sulistyo Andarmoyo, Joko Sangaji

46 – 57

Bibliometric Study on the Influence of Digital Technology in the Field of Arts and Culture

Eri Mardiani, Arief Yanto Rukmana, Poetri AL-Viany Maqfirah, Patriandi Nuswantoro, Sabalius Uhai

58 – 67

Mapping Research on the Influence of Social Media on Consumer Food Behavior a Bibliometric Approach

Elfreda Aplonia Lau, Arief Yanto Rukmana, Sabalius Uhai, Sabil Mokodenseho, Weni Indah Doktri Agus Tapaningsih

84 – 94

The Influence of Personality Traits and Job Characteristics on Work Motivation and Job Performance in the Hospitality Industry in Indonesia

Efa Irdhayanti, Theresia Marditama, Muhammad Syafri, Sabil Mokodenseho, Bambang Purwoko

95 – 105

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